Telephone conference system

The business/organizational needs for office meetings are rigid. Various types of meetings have a wide range of important roles in all aspects of the work, such as project start-up meetings, job summary meetings, progress report meetings, and coordination meetings. The face-to-face meetings of these meetings will cost the organizers and participants a lot of manpower and material resources. Having an efficient and convenient conference call can dramatically reduce the time and resources of organizers and participants. At the same time, it also brought convenience to the conference that was incomparable with traditional conferences.

The design concept of the SparkleConference teleconferencing system is "Let the user only care about the content of the conference. Everything else in the conference is handled by the SparkleConference system."

Conference Control - Video Conferencing
Conference Control - Video Conferencing

1. Rich conference control function

Conference control can be operated from the client App (both administrators and participants), and can also be initiated from the web side.

The conference control supports one-click initiation and the system initiates calls in parallel. No participants need to call one by one.

Members can be dynamically adjusted during the meeting, including: mute, invitation, invitation, invitation, speech, prohibition, and role adjustment.

The conference supports the whisper function, that is, temporary members of the conference open a small meeting.

Flexible Video Conferent Participant Access Control - Video Conferencing

2. Flexible permission control

The conference has multiple rights control functions, including: owner, manager, chairperson, member, participant, etc. Each privilege role has a clear functional distinction.

The permissions of the meeting can be adjusted dynamically.

Flexible Video Conferent Participant Access Control - Video Conferencing
Conference Management - Video Conferencing
Conference Management - Video Conferencing

3. Conference Management

The conference uses data storage by default. Once the conference is established, it is saved permanently before the administrator actively deletes the conference.

When the conference is initiated, the previously stored conference plan can be called at any time, and changes can be made with little or no modification.

The conference program supports sharing by different operators and has different copies at the same time.

Conference management provides API interfaces, supports integration with other systems, such as integration with existing OA systems, and provides management functions such as meeting notifications.

Integrate with online address book and local address book - video conferencing

4. Combine with online address book and local address book

The online address book is also called corporate address book and supports private cloud address book.

Meetings can be held by manually adding numbers or selecting members from the local address book and online address book.

The selected member can be a system-provided short number (SIP number) or mobile phone and landline number.

Provide API structure and address book integration with other systems: such as integration with OA or HR system to achieve automatic synchronization of contacts.

Integrate with online address book and local address book - video conferencing
Conference Recording and Video - Video Conferencing
Conference Recording and Video - Video Conferencing

5. Conference recording

The conference supports background recording, and the background recording can mix and record the entire process. That is, everyone's speech in the conference is recorded in a track.

Participants are also allowed to record separately in time. Participants can play back the missed speeches in real time, and they can also play back the designated person to specify a single speech record at any time.。

Recordings are encrypted and stored in the background. Unauthorized participants cannot export and forward them.

Communication encrypted transmission

All communications of the conference are encrypted and transmitted. The encryption is divided into multiple layers: the control signal is transmitted over the SIP-based TLS channel; and the voice transmission is transmitted over the SRTP TLS transmission. Ensure that signaling and voice are not eavesdropped and parsed during transmission.

Text meeting minutes are generated automatically

The conference supports the use of the text of the synchronous conversion conference minutes. The text is recorded in accordance with the spokesperson. The record contains the text of the spokesperson's speech, and provides a hyperlink to the spokesperson's speech recording to facilitate the final check of the minutes' organizer.

HD voice quality

As part of the unified communications platform, SparkleConference natively integrates SparkleComm's voice calling capabilities. Its voice quality inherits SparkleComm's high-quality voice quality, making participants feel like visiting the scene.See detailsSparkleComm

Software Conference MCU

SparkleConference is a component of the unified communications platform. SparkleMCU is used in the background. SparkleMCU is a pure software architecture. Users do not need to purchase expensive MCUs. SparkleComm's high-quality and efficient audio mixing algorithms allow users to deploy Sparkle MCUs on the cloud platform's virtual host.See detailsSparkleComm


SparkleConference adopts a flexible layered architecture to provide multiple customized solutions: Option 1: UI customization, all clients (Android/iOS/PC) can be customized according to user requirements. Option 2: The SDK is customized. The user can customize the free instant messaging system based on SparkleComm's development kit and the underlying SDK. The client and server can be deeply integrated into the client's free system.

SparkleConference advantages

SparkleConference is a carrier-grade product architecture compared to peer-to-peer instant messaging systems. SparkleIM's R&D team comes from the world's top 500 telecommunications system manufacturers. At the same time, SparkleConference has matured cases in communications operators. Therefore, the maturity of its products is far better than that of ordinary manufacturers.

SparkleConference system architecture

SparkleConference system architecture

The upper level functions of the conference and group servers include the mobile client and the management and console sections. Mobile phone client to achieve the show and part of the add modify function. The management and console implement background management functions such as maintenance of conferences and group servers, rights management and role assignment, and conference management and control functions on the Web side.

SparkleConference 系統架構