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VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol means voice communication over IP networks. For the client, also known as IP phones, soft phones, SIP phones (the earlier based on the H.323 protocol, due to the decline in the share of H.323, most of the current use of SIP protocol), Soft Phone, etc.

The IP Communications (VoIP) solution has been proven to simplify and unify the communication process in areas where 3G/4G/Wi-Fi coverage is adequate, and to improve work efficiency. Both large and small companies can conduct voice transmissions, data exchanges, and even video and teleconferences over IP-based networks.

SparkleSoftPhone is IP phone. It is based on the SparkleComm unified communications platform and is the core function of SparkleComm. SparkleComm's other features such as video calls, conference calls, video conferencing, and PTT talkback are all based on IP telephony or are highly inextricably linked to it.


Software telephone

A suite of fully integrated voice, video, phone, instant messaging, and email features that can be installed on smartphones, PCs, and Macs.

Support the operating system: Android 4.4+;iOS 8.01+;windows 7+;Linux(part);Mac OSX 10.0+。

Features: 1. Supports multiple voice coding; 2. Supports interfacing with mainstream IP PBX; 3. Supports IMS (successful connection with ZTE and Huawei IMS); 4. Supports functions such as call transfer, deflection, conference, and tripartite; 5. Support analog walkie-talkie access; 6. Support status presentation (Presense).

Voice call

The call function is a basic function, which mainly includes: incoming call answering, outgoing call interface, call forwarding avatar display (address book binding), speaker handset switching, call transfer, call duration display, and support for multiple call.

Features: 1. Support 12+ kinds of voice coding and decoding; 2. Dynamic adjustment of voice calls, support the start and end of the call halfway; 3. Support external audio device selection; 4. Support analog walkie-talkie access.

Video Phone-SparkleComm
Video Phone-SparkleComm

Video phone--SparkleVideo

The video phone function is used for mobile phone to mobile phone, mobile phone to PC and video conference.

Features: 1. Support multiple resolutions and can be intelligently switched according to network bandwidth; 2. Dynamic combination of voice calls, support to start and close the call midway; 3. Support video device selection such as an external camera; 4. Support and video surveillance cameras Into.

For more on video calls please read: SparkleVideo topic

Instant messaging-SparkleComm

Instant messaging--SparkleIM

The instant messaging function is used for multimedia and text message communication between the user and the user. Loogear's Instant Messaging includes an instant messaging client and server, and supports group chat and offline message pushing.

Features: 1. Transmission formats include: pictures, files, expressions, audio clips, video clips, etc., to achieve desktop sharing capabilities; 2. Support SIP Message; 3. Support mobile client (Android/iOS/WM) and PC client at the same time (Windows/macOS/Linux) and integrated with software phones.

For more on instant messaging please read: SparkleIM topic

Instant messaging-SparkleComm
Address book-SparkleComm
Address book-SparkleComm

Address book--SparklePhoneBook

The VoIP solution integrates address book functions, including address book functions such as corporate address book, cloud address book, phone address book synchronization, and friend management.

Features: 1. Support read local address book (iOS/Android/macOS); 2. Support private cloud address book; 3. Enterprise address book has background web management function; 4. Support multi-level organization structure; 5. Support rating Rights control.

Confidential call-SparkleComm

Confidential phone--SparkleSecPhone

Loogear unique secure call technology supports end-to-end dynamic encryption of the client (app2app) so that the call content cannot be tapped.

Features: Supports real-time encryption, end-to-end encryption, support for call initiation and encryption off.

Confidential call-SparkleComm
Wake on APP-SparkleComm
Wake on APP-SparkleComm

APP wake up function

Call support APP wake-up function. That is, when the user exits the APP, the user can wake it up through the network when receiving a message, voice, and video call through the cooperation of the server. So that users can handle and answer in a timely manner.

Flexible network structure

Voip solution SparkleComm adopts flexible network structure, system of telecom operators level of network application. At the same time support for the application of the enterprise level.

Application integration

SparkleComm adopts open structure, the flexibility of application integration. Can facilitate the application integration with existing or a third party. Such as workflow, teamwork, OA system, enterprise email, WeChat, etc.

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